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We buy warehouse buildings nationwide quickly, in any condition and for cash!
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No repairs needed
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How It Works

Sell your property fast with these 4 easy steps
Submit Your Property
Call, email, or use the simple Request Cash Offer contact form on our website to tell us about your warehouse.
Schedule an Appointment
We’ll schedule a visit, assess your warehouse, and make an offer in under 3 days or maybe even on-site.
Accept The Offer
When our cash offer is accepted, we’ll present you with a contract for signature and arrange a convenient date to close.
Get Paid
Once the title company has collected and satisfactorily reviewed the closing documents, cash is wired to you!

Why Sell Your Warehouse Building through WarehouseCashin Platform?

Quick closing
Purchase 'AS IS'
Extensive reach
Creative approach
No realtor fees
No closing costs
No costly repairs
No long waiting

Contact Us Today For a Quick, Obligation-Free Cash Offer

At WarehouseCashin we buy warehouse space nationwide either through our own experienced in-house investment acquisition team or by connecting you with an extensive network of active commercial real estate investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take WarehouseCashin to give me a no-obligation cash offer?

Once you submit your request and we review it, we will visit your property for an assessment. We can usually make you a fair cash offer within 72 hours after that. If you submit your request for an offer online, it will speed up the process. It’s not unusual for us to make you a cash offer at the time of our visit.

2. What’s the best way to sell my warehouse without using a Realtor?

Although a property owner has been through the purchase process themselves, and they certainly know their property, they still don’t know how to sell a warehouse by themselves. Conducting a successful transaction in a reasonable amount of time involves:

  • Finding real buyers who are active in your area.
  • Showing them the property.
  • Negotiating with them, or their agent.
  • Attending appointments with their property inspectors, lender’s appraiser, contractors (if they want to make changes for their use), and others.
  • Being aware of disclosures and documentation that are required.
  • Weeding out real buyers from tire-kickers.

If you want to reach the largest number of buyers, you will have to be prepared to pay a buyer’s agent a commission. You’re only paying them to bring you a buyer. A buyer’s agent isn’t working for you. They are working for their client to get the best deal from you. Dealing with them without representation will put you at a disadvantage.

Depending on the buyer’s intended use of the property, and their lender’s requirements, you may need to navigate additional amendments and conditions to the contract.

If your property needs repairs, the buyer or their lender will insist that you make those repairs before closing. They may try to include improvements to their list of repairs, such as increased utilities or structural supports for additional rooftop HVAC units (RTUs) or overhead hoists.

Looking after your interests will be difficult without professional help.

You can avoid the time, costs, and uncertainty surrounding this process by contacting WarehouseCashin will make a quick and fair assessment of your property and present you with an all-cash offer for your warehouse.

No realtors, no inspections, or appraisers for a conventional mortgage approval. If you accept our no-obligation offer, we can normally close the transaction in about a month or even sooner.

3. How exactly does selling my warehouse to WarehouseCashin help me?

When you sell your warehouse to WarehouseCashin, you are dealing directly with the buyer. No middlemen. Our ability to perform a professional assessment of the property, and to pay all cash, turns a complex maze of paperwork into a simple transaction. With WarehouseCashin, you won’t have to deal with:

  • Marketing – the time and cost of finding the motivated buyers you need and telling them about your property.
  • Inconvenience – showings to tire-kickers and others with a casual interest in your type of property.
  • Buyer’s diligence – repeated meetings at the property with the buyer(s), inspectors, appraisers, contractors, surveyors, etc.
  • Uncertainty – sometimes buyers put multiple properties under contract, knowing that they will only go through with one of them. Buyers’ financing falls through all the time. Owner-occupied buyers can run into business disruptions that cause them to change their purchase plans.
  • Costs – repairs, commissions, utilities, and upkeep while waiting to close.

You can avoid all of this by selling your warehouse to WarehouseCashin. You can be moving on with your cash in hand while others are still waiting for a buyer.

4. Does WarehouseCashin guarantee that I’ll get an all-cash offer?

Yes, your WarehouseCashin offer is guaranteed to be an all-cash offer. We don’t use traditional financing with a time-consuming underwriting process. You will receive cash for your property without delay.

5. Can I sell my warehouse to WarehouseCashin without making repairs?

Yes, WarehouseCashin will buy your warehouse as-is. This can be the answer to a property seller’s biggest problem. Most property sellers don’t know how to sell warehouse space that needs repairs. If you try to market and sell your warehouse to the public, you’ll have to make the property presentable.

The typical buyer will use financing to make their purchase. A lender will require that their collateral is in good condition at closing. WarehouseCashin will accept properties that need repairs or improvements and perform that work after closing. Since our purchases are made with cash, we aren’t limited by lenders or require an appraisal.

6. If I sell to WarehouseCashin, will I have to pay fees or commissions?

Absolutely not. WarehouseCashin doesn’t use brokers to find properties or negotiate our offers. This is a huge saving for you since sellers are the ones who have to pay commissions in a property sale.

7. How long will it take to close with WarehouseCashin?

Our purchases normally take less than a month. We handle the assessment of the property, which replaces the need for third-party inspections and appraisals. Since we pay all cash, we aren’t slowed down by loan underwriting committees.

WarehouseCashin buys properties as-is, so you don’t have to wait for repairs to be made before closing. Our ability to close quickly can be a significant advantage for you if you face legal or financial pressure such as a foreclosure.

8. When I sell to WarehouseCashin, what are my closing costs?

When you sell your warehouse to WarehouseCashin, you won’t have to come to the closing table with any money. Our method of buying property keeps closing costs low. That makes it possible for us to cover those costs and remove that burden from our sellers.

9. Will you buy warehouses anywhere in the US?

WarehouseCashin is a national company that will consider property in all 50 states. We can take advantage of opportunities in different markets all across the country.

10. Am I under any obligation to accept your cash offer?

No, you aren’t. You shouldn’t have to agree to take an offer before you even see it. You can consider our offer and make the decision that is best for you.

11. When I take your cash offer, what happens next?

Once you’ve accepted our offer, you’ll receive a purchase contract to sign. Our earnest money deposit usually gets to the title company within 72 hours. Next, we’ll work with you to select a convenient closing date.

On the closing date, the WarehouseCashin investor meets with the title company and signs the closing documents. Once that is finalized, your funds are transferred to you from the title company.

12. Does WarehouseCashin only buy certain kinds of warehouses?

WarehouseCashin is interested in all kinds of warehouses:

  • Distribution / fulfillment centers
  • Retail and commercial storage space
  • Manufacturing
  • Climate controlled
  • Automated / smart space
  • Basic shell space
  • Flex space
13. Are there any size requirements?

No. We will consider warehouses of all sizes.

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